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How do I distinguish a supplier's creditworthiness? How to know if this supplier is reputable or not?

- You can distinguish reputable suppliers through their business process, you can see the supplier's reputation score through the heart icon < blue diamond < yellow diamond < blue crown < crown gold, and also based on the number of previous buyers who have traded and commented before.

- The longer the supplier sells, the more successful the transaction rate, the more assured you will be when buying. In addition, you can evaluate the reputation based on the number of previous buyers who have transacted and commented on the supplier's score.

- Most of the fake or fraudulent suppliers are newly created shops, you should consider carefully before buying. Ubox only buys the right link you sent and has a transaction history for your peace of mind.

Cases of so-called unscrupulous suppliers:

Supplier does not deliver, Ubox cannot contact the supplier (in this case the rate is very low).
The supplier delivered the item but did not receive it, although there was evidence of a complaint and a lawsuit against Taobao.
The supplier does not match the advertisement on the website (very low rate).