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Why do I have to pay the China shipping fee? Why do some orders I have to pay high shipping fees, some orders I don't have to pay shipping fees? If I buy multiple products, will the shipping fee be reduced?

China domestic shipping fee is the shipping fee collected by the Chinese courier.

China shipping fee is high or low depending on the distance or distance from the supplier to Ubox's warehouse

In case the Chinese shipping fee is high, it may be because the supplier sells the product at a discount, but in fact they charge a high shipping fee to make up for the cost of the goods.

- There is a case today to buy 1 ship price, next week to buy, there is another shipping price: maybe at the time of purchase, the shop has a promotion to reduce the shipping price. Ubox only checks and re-quotes the customer with a taobao account that has been pre-added with Ubox's warehouse address