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How much does it cost to place an order?

The cost for place an order includes: Cost of goods on website + China domestic shipping fee + Transaction fee + Tally fee + Packing fee + International shipping fee  + Home delivery fee (if any)


- Money for goods on the web: is the purchase price or the price of entering all the products you want to buy. This is the purchase money that Ubox has to pay to the supplier.

- China shipping fee: is the shipping fee from the supplier to Ubox's destination

- Transaction fee: is the purchase service fee that you pay to Ubox

- Tally fee: is a service package to ensure that your products are not delivered incorrectly or under-delivered by the supplier.

- Packing fee: baling is a form of safety assurance to limit risks for fragile and easily deformed goods during transportation. when ordering.

- Weight shipping fee: is the shipping fee from China to Ubox's warehouse in the US - Door-to-door shipping fee: is the shipping fee from Ubox's US warehouse to your home. For order details, please see here